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Noy Road

A Stockhold based company created by Lina Eriksson and Karl Anderson, Noy Road came out of a need for honest and pure textiles. Both Lina & Karl were photographers working with textiles on a daily basis, and noticed the lack of information behind what was being produced {& the loads of chemicals!}. Working with a large co-operative of weavers in Southeast Asia, their production process is as transparent as it comes; organic, sustainable and fair-trade! The textiles are made with love, no chemicals, fair practices and little environmental impact, so you are able to shop positive and assured. Their hope is to bring life back to a better way of making and support the talented artisans who work hard to perfect their beautiful craft. 

All textiles are created in Laos, where their is no large textile industry, but very talented artisans. Over the last few hundred years, all their textiles have been produced by hand with natural materials and made sustainably within their own villages. Working with a co-operative, the artisans are able to provide for their families and send their children to school. 

Noy Road is just in their beginning year {started this past January} and have many plans to add on to their already gorgeous line of scarves and shawls. Soon you can add to the list; bed, kitchen and bathroom wear! I'm a big fan of indigo ikat {& anything hand dyed!}, so I'm very excited to see Noy Road expand their line. Indigo is one of those dyes you can easily fit into your wardrobe and wear with most anything. My scarves will stay with me a very long time! Love them as much as I do? Scarf No 17 & Stripe Scarf No 43 are my favorites :) Shop their entire collection - here - & make sure to follow them on Facebook & Instagram!