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No Tree Harmed in the Making, This Eco-Friendly Wood Jewelry is Made For the Green at Heart

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Simply Wood Rings

A wonderful alternative to the usual metal jewelry, this line of rings and necklaces is sure to catch your attention. It’s not often someone doesn’t ask about my Birthwood ring! You may remember seeing it on the blog last Summer. It’s one of my staples in my jewelry box, and I’m happy to be adding two more of their pieces in there!

Three Reasons to Love Simply Wood Rings

The Materials. Each piece of wood used in their designs is responsibly sourced from their region {they are based out of Chicago}. From a fallen playground tree to an old xylophone factory, your unique wood jewelry comes with a story. You can find a complete list of all their inlay materials - here -

Minimalistic, Yet Unique. While I enjoy a nice statement piece every once in a while, I prefer my jewelry to be more ‘everyday-like’. I tend to wear the same rings and necklaces over and over again, and they must be able to go with most of my closet. I feel like with the medium of wood, you are able to do so. It’s a neutral, and blends so well into a wardrobe full of earth tones. Yet, it is still rather unique in a sea of gold and silver. What’s also special is the fact each piece of wood and inlay comes with a deeper meaning. For instance, peridot, which you see in my jewelry, is considered (within mythological contexts) an aid to friendship and brings happiness to the wearer.

Beautiful craftsmanship that celebrates life & love. For me, products are even more special when made with love. Gustav Reyes, the artist-owner behind Simply Wood Rings, has a long history in wood working. Combining his experience and love of the environment, he has been creating wood wedding bands {& now, pendants} for over a decade! & what better way to celebrate this joy than with a piece that connects you to nature?


What I’m Wearing

Birthwood Pendants

August Applewood & Peridot: The perfect birthday gift for your close friends and family {at a super wonderful price, too}! The apple tree symbolizes strength, gentleness, abundance and giving, and the Mahogany wood itself is valued for its strength and fine grain. Plus, the Mahogany used is salvaged from local artisans & craftsman who no longer can use the small pieces!

August Flower {Gladiolus}: Made from Elm wood gathered in urban forestry efforts, these pendants feature the birth flower of each month. Delicate with vintage vibes, the elegant detail is laser-engraved onto the salvaged wood. This line celebrates what makes us naturally unique, or what they put so perfectly ‘our urge to bloom and grow in our own ways’.

Birthwood Ring

August Applewood & Peridot: A ring I’ve been wearing almost everyday for the past year! Crushed Peridot for the inlay gives the ring a lovely hint of color. You can find more photos of this piece here.


Where to Shop

You can shop their entire collection online - here - and if you live in the Chicago area, you can check out their brick-and-mortar shop at 953 W 18th St.


Sustainably Supported by Simply Wood Rings. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored