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When the fashion industry is on fast forward, it's refreshing to run into the ones who are slowing it down. 1x1, an LA-based sustainable brand, is changing the way products are launched. They are taking our favorite wardrobe staples, giving them a conscious twist and releasing them one by one. By taking this approach, they are able to take the time to give you the best garment possible! Plus, they keep it local. The materials used for each design are sourced responsibly. For example, one of their partners is committed to sustainably produced wool, and it looks very luxurious! Also, in order to maintain quality control, fair practices and transparency, 1x1 uses factories in their hometown of LA. 

I'm wearing the sophisticated Sleeveless Hidden Button Top from their 02 Shirt Collection. This top comes in three colors - white, black and blue - and has a beautiful fit. The asymmetrical cut and lovely drape brought on by the tencel/rayon blend set this button-up apart from the rest. The Shirts Collection also features two other designs - the Hidden Button Shirtdress and Side Slit Tank, and is the perfect workwear for the creative individual. 

If you're looking to cozy up, but still look chic at the same time, the 01 Wool Collection is made for that!

Plus, the guys can enjoy it, too {just size up!}. 

Diagonal Stitch Crewneck  

 Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater

I believe 1x1 is setting a wonderful example for brands to put their foot on the brake a bit, and really concentrate on each design. The more time is spent on a garment, the more we can appreciate the work and art behind the design. Don't you think? 

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