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Naturally Soothing Skin with Upcycled Coffee Grounds

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California Scrub Co.

Yup, you read that right ^ coffee isn't only wonderful in a cup, it's great for your skin, too!

Here are a few benefits to scrubbing with coffee:
Reduces Eye Puffiness / Exfoliates the Skin / Minimizes Cellulite / Brightens the Skin  

Want to try it out now? 

Cali Scrubs has taken upcycled coffee grounds and mixed them with essential oils, and they smell fabulous! I have been using the Cinnamon, Vanilla & Clove, which I highly recommend trying out for yourself. 

Created by Elizabeth Ripps and Amelia Swaggert in sunny California, they make sure sustainability plays a large role in their business from creating to shipping. Click below to read their interview with Sustainably Chic & find a special coupon code to try your very own scrub! 

How did California Scrub Co. begin?

California Scrub Co. began in January 2015. We grew in a totally serendipitous (AKA completely by accident!) manner. Co-Founder’s Amelia Swaggert and Elizabeth Ripps had both been making DIY body scrubs and were each planning to give them away as Christmas presents. We got to talking about all things scrub-love related: upcycling grounds, the horror of plastic microbeads, how amazing coffee and oils are on the skin, etc and decided to turn our gifting idea into a business! 

We’ve been small-batching and growing the brand in Venice Beach, CA ever since! 

Why do you use glass jars to package your coffee scrubs?

One of the core values of California Scrub Co. is the sustainability of all elements of our scrub. We are strongly against single-use plastic, or even reusable plastic whenever at all possible. We knew our packaging needed to be streamlined with the scrub inside: plastic free and sustainable! This way, when you finish a jar of our scrub, you have a great glass jar to put anything you like in! We use them for jewelry, store spices or leftovers in the kitchen, refill them with other toiletries, you name it!

Are you avid coffee drinkers yourself?

We certainly are! We both love coffee and enjoy making it at home. One of my (Lizzie) favorite parts of the work week is making coffee in the mornings and sitting down to work on all things CaliScrub-related with Amelia. We try to drink it in moderation, though, and mix tea, herbal tea, and mate in as well! We always upcycle our own coffee grounds, whether to make scrub, add them to our potted plants and gardens, and for compost.


What are the future plans for California Scrub Co.?

We are so excited for the future! Our plan is to continue to grow and spread the word on sustainability, ethical and responsible luxury skincare, and the benefits of coffee-based beauty products. We can’t wait to roll out a new blend as well as several new products. 
Additionally, stay tuned this summer as California Scrub Co. hits the road! We’ll be selling our product up and down the Cali Coast, bringing sustainability workshops to music and art festivals all summer long, and documenting as we go! Follow along @caliscrubs on instagram to be a part of the journey.

 Getting my coffee scrub on daily...

Getting my coffee scrub on daily...

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