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Minimalistic Jewelry Connected to the Natural World

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One Happy Leaf

An Australian eco-friendly jewelry company created by Anna Anagno finds inspiration from Scandinavian minimalism, and uses bamboo certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Anna's background as a environmental scientist has paved a path for a more responsible and sustainable way of life. She believes style doesn't have to compromised to be considered eco-friendly. One Happy Leaf was a way for her to extend her passion for both sustainability and style outside her home in Perth.

& we thank her for that! Her designs are some of the sweetest around - especially if you are an animal lover. 

 Anna in her studio.

Anna in her studio.

The jewelry is made using a laser cutter, after several ideas are sketched out. The chosen sketch is transferred to a digital image, and from there, the laser does its 'magic'. She creates necklaces, earrings, hairpins, brooches and cufflinks all in her studio while watching TED talks.

Not only are these pieces made from eco-friendly bamboo, they also give back. In 2011, Anna & her husband volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. The experience made her realize the importance of speaking for those who can not, and this is why  One Happy Leaf donates a portion of its proceeds to animal charities, such as: Animals Australia, World Animal Protection and Free the Bears.

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