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Puck Wanderlust

Created by two London girls - Ranelle & Hannah, Puck Wanderlust is bringing us the finest stone and artisan quality jewelry made with the planet in mind. Their designs are mesmerizing, unique and timeless with their first collection centered around four semi-precious gemstones {Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Black Onyx}. Each stone is associated with its own energy and story, and is placed in a 100% recycled sterling silver base. Designs for every piece are created in London, and produced in Jaipur, India. This summer, they have added to their ring collection and have even released necklaces and earrings. I can not get over how absolutely stunning their pieces are, and with sustainability at the core of their business this new line is jewelry heaven for us mindful consumers. Click below to explore their collection, and find yourself lost is some stunning gems....

Fun Name Fact: PUCK is a mischievous fairy in English folklore  & WANDERLUST is a strong desire for adventure. 

Let's take a little journey through the stones... 

The Lapis Lazuli {aka The Wish Stone} Power Ring is a symbol of royalty, gods & power, spirit & vision, and wisdom, truth & friendship.  It is, also, the birthstone of September. 

The Labradorite {aka The Conquering Stone} Power Ring promotes good luck, lucid dreaming, clear insight, intuition and helps dispel negative energy. 

The Black Onyx {aka The Strength Stone} Power Ring is used for protection, willpower, dedication, strength and helps raise energy and enhances your focus. 

The Rainbow Moonstone {aka The Protection Stone} Power Ring represents balance and harmony, as well as self actualization and the support of new beginnings. With its protection characteristics, this is the perfect ring for those who love to travel {this was my reason behind choosing it}, and expecting mothers. It is, also, the birthstone of June.

Find each of the above rings, you can purchase them in 18 carat gold plated recycled silver, too! The geometric pattern found on the base of the ring, as well as the stacker rings and personalized pendants, are inspired by mandalas in ancient forms of meditative art. The quality is incomparable to much of the jewelry industry, and my Rainbow Moonstone is the most intricate ring I own. So impressed by my Power Ring, I hope to have a lot more of Puck Wanderlust in my jewelry box in the future :) See below for some more of my favorites...

Puck Wanderlust has a lovely collection of Birthstone pendants. I'm an August baby, and not too old to make a birthday list.. ;)

To shop their entire collection, click - here. Make sure to follow all the stunning photos and designs on Instagram & Facebook.

*The artisans in Jaipur, India make the jewelry in a family owned gem and silver craft shop where fair working conditions have been established for their employees for decades. Due to the handmade nature, no ring {or piece} is exactly alike*