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Greg & Kim Scully, the duo behind Magpie Clothing Exchange, embrace sustainability within every aspect of their life. From the fixtures in their brick-and-mortar to creating their own detergent, they understand a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't just stop in the home. Transferring their beliefs from the house to their store {and even to schools}, Magpie Clothing Exchange is helping build more conscious consumers through Fair Trade, organic, up-cycled  and re-sale products. They realize their community is much larger than their zip code, therefore; their buying process is very tedious in order to make sure all clothing and accessories are produced ethically and sustainably. 

 Kim Scully - one part of the Magpie Clothing Exchange team

Kim Scully - one part of the Magpie Clothing Exchange team

Their 'Save a Bag, Make a Difference' program is making big impacts in the schools around their Palmer, Alaska shop. Every time a customer decides to go 'bagless' or brings their own bag, 10 cents is donated to local high school music departments. What a great way to reduce the number of un-needed bags, and give back at the same time! They even made a little video about it, here.

About to celebrate their two year anniversary {6 months online}, their brick-and-mortar is mostly filled with re-sale clothing with the addition of new sustainably made clothing. After almost a year of research, they decided to not open a re-sale franchise because it felt limiting. They thought selling both used and 'eco-friendly' new clothing really complimented each other, and I couldn't agree more! 

Research was a big part of getting our business plan together. The more we dug into it, the more we became attracted to sustainable fashion. Reading Overdressed and watching documentaries like “True Cost” really brought home for us how the fashion industry has some major problems and that we could use our business as a way to pursue not only a new way of supporting ourselves but also a way to promote change.
— Greg & Kim Scully

Passion Lilie, a fair trade and ethical brand, is just one of the many brands Greg & Kim fell in love with. The Dusk Button Dress {pictured above} is made in India with 100% cotton and reactive dyeing, which is a process where the dyes absorb and change the original color of the fabric. The dress comes with a fabric belt you can remove to add your own flair. Passion Lilie designs in New Orleans, and uses Fair Trade practices out of India to construct the garments. I love a nice lightweight cotton dress - especially living in the heat of Charleston. Plus, knowing it has been produced mindfully makes it perfect! Check out the gallery below for some more Passion Lilie dresses that are just as sweet as the one above.

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