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Lotion for the Lavender Obsessed

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sunshine garden

Created by Emily Bharatiya, Sunshine Garden offers clean products for clean people. Wanting to work for herself with children at home, Emily began making natural products during her first pregnancy. What the family consumes, puts on their skin and uses in their home has always been extremely important to her. She realized how difficult it was to find other organic and natural  products {not to mention, some of their prices}, so she sought out to create accessible, inexpensive natural products in small batches.

Sunshine Garden has soaps, lotions, lotion barsscrubs, room & linen sprays and body butters.  I have been religiously using the Lavender Organic Body Lotion. This lotion is like swimming in a sea of lavender, my absolute favorite plant and scent. 

Extremely Moisturizing / Not Greasy / Packaged in a Glass Bottle / Lavender Lingering / Organic - How can you resist? 

P.S. It's boyfriend approved. He may even use it more than I do! 

 *bonus* 5% of yearly profits go towards environmental organizations! 

*bonus* 5% of yearly profits go towards environmental organizations! 

Want to try some for yourself? {I'm sure it's a yes} Shop on Etsy & use code SustainablyChic20 for 20% off!

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