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Lila Botanicals

Shelby, the creator of Lila Botanicals & blogger behind Sun Shel, has made it her mission to bring you the best in skincare using one of her favorite ingredients: Plants! After four years of healthy eating, yoga and {recent} motherhood, Shelby has seen first hand the benefits to a plant-based lifestyle. While she understands we can never fully get away from those nasty chemicals, she believes the conscious decisions we make will matter in the long run and create a positive impact on your life. 

The last couple of weeks, I have been using Lila Botanical's Cleansing Oil & Regenerative Facial Serum, and a little goes a long way! I'm always obsessed with a product that works, and one I don't need to use a ton of to get the job done {I hate going through too many bottles!}.  Lots of people have told me, in the past, about some oils and serums being a little greasy, and I'm happy to say these two have passed the 'un-greasy' test for me. The facial serum delivers nutrients on a cellular level, moisturizes, replenishes skin, and comes complete with mood-lifting essentials. This quote I love off her description, 'If you want to age beautifully, this is the serum for you.' Rid bacteria with the cleansing oil which helps remove dirt, makeup and unclogs pores. By the way, the scent is SO fresh!

Besides cleansing oils and facial serums, Lila Botanicals offers belly and body balm, healing scar serum, acne spot treatment, helichrysum body oil, and beard oil. Ready to get plant-ified? Use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for 15% off your order, and follow Lila Botanicals on Instagram.