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A brand who puts people and planet first, Juuty is helping clean up the fashion industry with a particularly interesting choice of material. Can you guess it? Yes - it's jute! I'm sure some of the first things which come to mind are burlap, rope, rugs - you know, the products which need to be tough to withstand heavy use. Jute is known as the "golden fibre", and for good reason. Its appearance has a gold silk-like shine, and it creates great economic opportunity. At the moment, jute falls second to cotton in terms of production, but it's gaining momentum possibly for the fact it is cheaper to grow, requires no chemicals and consumers want more durable products. Being jute is one of the most environmentally friendly fibers in the world, choosing to work with this material was a no brainer for Juuty.

Juuty began much like other socially responsible fashion brands, with a passion and calling to make the world a better place. Creators Rik and Rosanne were on a world tour in 2014 when they visited Bangladesh. It didn't take them long to become completely fascinated with the country and compelled to create opportunity for its people. They noticed the talented craftsmanship and beautiful materials surrounded by poverty and pollution. This was their call to action, and inspiration to start Juuty. After a year of brainstorming and planning, Juuty partnered with a fair trade factory that encourages female employment. This particular factory they chose to work with is affiliated with the CBI, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and provides a safe & positive environment for its workers. They are given vacation time, leave and fair wages which help support their children's education and always 3 meals a day. 

In addition to eco materials and ethical employment, Juuty donates a bag of food to needy people in Bangladesh for each handbag sold. Also, something I applaud them for is their use of vegetable tanned leather. Contrary to what a lot of people say, sustainability is subjective and a concept you must apply to every scenario. While in my opinion the majority of the leather industry is not sustainable, there is a good portion of it one can easily argue as very sustainable - byproduct vegetable tanning done under fair working conditions that provides economic opportunity is a great example. Only about 10% of the industry is a doing this, and Juuty is one of them! Claps all around :) 

So let me just show you how beautiful this bag is...

The Senanga - it's a shopper, it's a backpack, it's a really great bag. I love the versatility, the many pockets and the durability. Plus, it comes with a mini mirror {comes in handy for someone who has something in her teeth or on her face... always}. I'm sure you've come to find I'm all about quality bags. I'm constantly on-the-go throwing my life around, and I need a handbag that can take my crazy life. The Senanga is made so well, I know I can count on it for many many years to come. It also helps jute goes with about any outfit I own... all for those timeless accessories! 

Juuty's collection features 5 other gorgeous handbags: 

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