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Lady Talk | 3 Sustainable Alternatives for that Time of Month

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Yes, your period...

Something so natural and prevalent in womanhood, our periods tend to be quite wasteful. Fortunately, with the green trend on full blast these days, we have several less wasteful options on the market. Now I know, we all have different bodies and comfort levels, so not everything is going to work for everyone. This blog is here to give you options, and for you to figure out what is the most sustainable for your lifestyle and your period. 

1. Reusable Cloth Pads

Probably the healthiest for you {I'm no doctor, but have been hospitalized for several blood issues & have been told this time and time again}, pads cause less bleeding. With pads and tampons contributing to the third largest amount of waste in landfills, reusable pads are an obvious green choice. Cloth pads are more absorbent than disposables, and save you a ton of money. On average, women will spend around $100 per year on disposables. A starter kit for cloth from Ecopads is only $30, and they will last you 1-3 years {even more!}. They are making periods fun & comfortable with playful prints and soft fabrics. Best part, for every purchase of a cloth pad, you help to send one to a girl or woman in need. Check out their Crowdfunding Campaign, here! 

2. The Menstrual Cup

I'm seeing a lot more of these lately, and I'm pretty excited about it. If you have the right anatomy for fit, and can get over the mess {'ick'} factor then you might just fall in love with the menstrual cup. While there is a little more maintenance to the cup {like having to sterilize after each cycle & insert/removal process}, there is much less waste than using tampons. Also, they are healthier! Instead of soaking up everything in our small 'ecosystem', menstrual cups only collect blood. Some of them are disposable, so make sure to find the long-lasting ones! 

3. Organic Tampons

Look, I get it - these are easy and convenient. Still throw away, but healthier than other tampons. When you are constantly out of the house and on-the-go with little powder room time, these guys come in handy. Plus, there is no maintenance or clean up involved. Organic tampons definitely win over the toxic ones you find at most pharmacies and grocery stores, but if you have the flexibility in life to spend more time on your periods then there are better alternatives for you.


Like I said before, we are all different when it comes to our periods, and depending on our daily rituals, we all have a preference. More than just the awful waste, we must consider our overall health when deciding which alternative is best. Feel free to give your input below! Let's all have a happy & stress-free period!! ;)