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Jump into Spring with a Cozy Mantle

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from Wild Mantle 

You have no idea how happy I am to enjoy yet another Wild Mantle! These 'hug-like' hooded scarves are some of the comfiest accessories on the planet. You may remember my last one from the winter time - the Merino Mantle. I took it to England with me over the holidays, and wore it on every adventure and walk around the beautiful town of Sidmouth. Nothing kept my head warmer {also great for blocking out the wind}! But the weather has changed, and my Merino Mantle is now put away until the end of the year. The Windy Mantle has officially taken its place for now :D

This incredibly soft Italian merino/alpaca blend is perfect for the season transition - and how about this color?! Made in the USA, this mantle is crafted on an antique knitting machine. Plus, the three {functional} Burntwood buttons are sustainably harvested from trees in Maine. Wish you could put your hands through the screen to feel - it is SO cozy! I'm partial to the yellow, but you can also find it in Black, Hunter Green & light Grey.

To refresh your memory on Wild Mantle, Avi created this business out of her own need of a hooded scarf. Doing a little DIY, she made one on her sewing machine, and received so many compliments she felt she HAD to share the 'hugs'. She designs all the mantles herself in Philadelphia, and produces with with Icebox, a B-Corporation Knitting Mill in Longmont Colorado made up by a community of moms, dads, artisans and snowboarders. For the one-of-the-kind 'Janey Collection' she worked with local artists of Philadelphia's Main Line. As always, Wild Mantle lives by three missions - 1) Sustainability: Practiced through the materials chosen and producing locally with fair wages   2) Empowerment: The name MANTLE means both a loose fitted hood and one's role or responsibility in the world.   3) Adventure: The mantles are about functionality - the perfect practical, stylish travel companion! 

My Windy Mantle will be going on my next adventure in May - to England, France & Switzerland! Stay tuned for more photos ;)

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