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Ixchel Triangle

Supporting families in Guatemala, Ixchel Triangle employs artisans of the Mayan community to create these intricate and stunning bags. Based on tradition, the bags are made of huipils which are commonly worn by Mayan women, and represent the community they are from. The huipils are expensive and time consuming, which is no different when producing Ixchel Triangle bags. It takes four hours and a team of Mayan men with their bare hands and a couple sewing machines to make one bag! The craftsmanship and quality is so apparent in my Tayuy Backpack.

*Interesting fact: Ixchel is the Mayan Goddess of Fertility and Midwifery*

Not only are their artisans paid above the market wages, Ixchel Triangle's commitment to education plays a large role in their mission to improving and sustaining the Mayan families of Guatemala. Tory Jones, the creator of Ixchel Triangle, has always had a strong love for Central America. Her childhood was full of color and artisanal treasures given to her by her grandmother who lived in Guatemala. It isn't a surprise her love has carried on and started such a wonderful business. The assistant to all things Ixchel Triangle, Heather Morgan, has traveled the world for 12 years working with non-profit humanitarian organizations. She has photographed several communities around the globe, and has been recently featured in Patagon Journal. Ixchel Triangle's team is made up of incredibly driven and talented women, I'd say! 

From camera straps to yoga bags, you will be absolutely mesmerized by the huipils made for their collections. My Tayuy Backpack has a center divider perfect for placing my laptop. The backpacks are very sturdy, so pack-up! This one is for sure going with me on my trip to England next week. It can't receive enough compliments every time I take it out :) 

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