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An ethically-edited fashion site, Accompany is merging stye and sustainability in an amazing curated collection of clothing, accessories and home goods. This is the place to build a responsible wardrobe while supporting several beautiful brands and artisans all over the world. It truly is 'global curation at its finest'. This online shop has the most unique mix of products each holding their own story and purpose. You know how important it is to me to know my clothing has made a positive impact on someone's life. It's so nice to find sites with the same values, and who are constantly making sure transparency and ethical standards are upheld. Accompany understands in order to help other human beings, we need to support them on both a social and economic level. This is why each product placed in their shop must fit under one of the three categories: Artisan Made, Fair Trade & Philanthropic. 

I absolutely love how their mission is broken down in this chart: 

I'm excited to share with you three of their ethically-made products {all of them are exclusive to Accompany}! 

Turnaround Jumpsie, Notch Triple Band Ring & Rafia Desert Fringe Slide Sandal

I'll start with their Exclusive Turnaround Jumpsie made in collaboration with Ace & Jig. I mean, how flattering is this piece?! This jumpsuit is so comfortable, and created with a lightweight singlecloth Onyx fabric which is woven by artisans in India on ancient hand looms. Another great part about this garment is its versatility. You can wear it two ways with the v-neck in the front or back making it great for dressing up or down. I love a low back, but I'm sure I will reverse it and pair with some heels for a night out! 

The Notch Triple Band Ring is another exclusive piece made in collaboration with SOKO {which you may remember being on my blog last year!}. SOKO is helping 'fashion a better world', and currently employs around 1,300 artisans in Kenya. All their jewelry is handmade, and supports sustainable incomes. Plus, they only use natural and upcycled materials! This ring is the perfect way to add a little character to your ensemble. Simple yet different.. my favorite! 

Last, but not least, the Rafia Desert Fringe Slide Sandal by Proud Mary. These everyday sandals are handcrafted in Morocco with crocheted woven raffia. Proud Mary partners with 8 mens' and womens' artisans cooperatives in Mali, West Africa, Guatemala, Morocco, Peru and Niger, and their motto is 'Pride not Pity' {good one, right?!}

See the map below to find where else Accompany is making a {sustainably} positive impact

Wouldn't you agree, It's all about the company you keep?

Who are YOU going to support through your wardrobe?

Start adding more stories to your closet & shop Accompany's entire collection here

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