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Wild Mantle

What began with just a homemade upcycled hooded-scarf, Wild Mantle is taking over cold seasons with the softest, coziest & slow-fashion minded mantles around. If you haven't seen them before on Instagram {worn by many celebrities these days!}, you are going to want to add one of these guys to your wish list this holiday - nothing else can keep you so warm this winter! Avi, the creator, lives in Philadelphia & experiences some pretty cold months out of the year. In 2013, she looked high and low for a hooded scarf and could not find one. This sparked her making one for herself, which she wore often & received many compliments on. With so much enthusiasm around her DIY, she thought to take it to the next level so everyone could get their hands on one, too!

& we thank her for that :D

Wild Mantle's are made for any occasion - at home snuggled up on the couch, taking a walk outside, traveling... I could go on.. the AC.. okay, you get it. I can't wait to wear mine in England this winter when I go to visit my parents. We do a lot of walking and hiking & I don't think the Merino Mantle is going to leave my head once. It is made of a light grey soft Kent Merino Italian yarn with a fun "knoppy" pattern, and the inside feels like a baby blanket with its white minky fleece. 

All mantles are designed by Avi herself, and produced right here in the US. The Janey collection is full of one-of-a-kind pieces and is made by Avi in collaboration with local artists of Philadelphia's Main Line. The rest of the mantles are made by a community of moms, dads, artisans and snowboarders at Icebox, a B-Corporation Knitting Mill in Longmont Colorado. 

Wild Mantle has 3 key missions within the business:

Sustainability : Practiced through the materials chosen and producing locally with fair wages.

Empowerment: The name MANTLE means both a loose fitted hood and one's role or responsibility in the world.

Adventure: The mantles are about functionality - the perfect practical, stylish travel companion! 

I'm excited to finally have a Mantle to enjoy myself. I have had googly eyes for them for a few years, now :D Are you with me, too!? 

Shop Wild Mantle's collections - here - & stay up-to-date {with celebrity postings, too!} on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.