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It's a Vibrant Spring with Victoria Road's Ethical Pakistani Designers

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 2Natalie Kay

featuring designs by Farina Naimat Ali & Natalia Naveed

Just when you thought Victoria Road couldn't get any prettier, a new collection rolls on through! You may remember seeing a few of their pieces on the blog before, but just to refresh your memory a little, Victoria Road began with co-founders Megan Brosterman & Shannon Grewer who sought out to create a socially responsible fashion brand which supported sustainable economic development. They work with several talented designers, and in this post I will be showcasing two pieces from Farina Naimat Ali & Natalia Naveed. Victoria Road has a workshop in Lahore, Pakistan where Farina has joined their team as the first full-time in-house designer! Farina is inspired by nature and color which you can easily through her stunning designs. She is one of the first in her family to enter the fashion industry, and there is an incredible little video about her day-to-day I've included below. Give it a watch and learn about who makes your clothes! 

Farina Naimat Ali designed this first piece - the Lilli Party Dress. The hibiscus print is beautiful up close and the colors chosen are perfect together. I grew up going to horse races as a child {those were your Saturdays living in a small town in Virginia}, and wish I had this dress back then for the events! It really is a great party dress, but also one you can just throw on for the more casual days and pair with flats, like here ^

The next piece is something I could live in outside and at home - it is that comfy. I took a nap in it, too, which says a lot because I only sleep in my 'pjs'... so yes, I was comfortable. The Natalia Jumpsuit, created by the VR design team {print by Natalia Naveed, was made to flatter. I'm always hesitant when it comes to jumpsuits. I think I'm too short or don't have the right figure, but I've been hitting a lucky-streak lately. Maybe it is because I've been exploring jumpsuits made more mindfully, because an old Forever 21 I had a decade ago did not work out well for me :P {psst.. the jumpsuits are on backorder, but reserve yours now.. they will be in soon!}

Okay, I may have went a little overboard on the photos, but both these garments are so easy to shoot! The fit, color and design are spot on. I wish you could feel them, too - the cottons are SO soft. PLUS, they come with pockets, and a matching design for your little ones {yeah, their kid photos online are too cute}! I am always impressed with the quality behind every Victoria Road garment. You can tell how much time, thought & love went behind putting each piece of clothing together! 

Let's help bridge culture through fashion  & shop the entire Spring 17 collection - here

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Spring!!