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Who doesn’t love 24/7 comfort? The whole idea of not wanting to get out of your pjs to start the day can kind of cease to exist with brands like Yala. They take you from sleep to running errands to work to dinner {& everything in between} with their wonderful product range. And with the popularity of minimizing closets and focusing on a solid capsule wardrobe, this brand is one you need to know.

Why I Love Yala Designs

Great Basics & Designs for Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Are you trying to condense your closet? I’m constantly trying to build that ideal capsule wardrobe to hold on to for years to come. With Yala’s combination of necessary basics and classic designs, you will have zero trouble working on that perfect capsule wardrobe. Their colors are also very practical, so you are able to mix-and-match seamlessly within all of the collections. 

Total Comfort from Day to Night: I don’t think you can make a successful capsule wardrobe without choosing comfy pieces. Especially since you are going to be wearing them more so than a usual wardrobe, it’s important you actually like the way you feel in them. By using versatile designs and practical fabrics, many of Yala’s pieces can be used throughout the day. Not to mention, they do have a nice looking nightwear line when your wanting to get extra cozy at the end of the day! 

Organic Cottons & Recycled Polys: I’ve always thought organic cotton to be one of the best fabrics for basics. It’s easy to wash, holds color, wears well over time and has minimal impact on the environment. Mixing this fabric with polyester can create an even softer fabric, but it’s not so kind to the planet. I was very excited to see their use of recycled poly since I believe in reusing materials we have already created and it does make for an exceptionally soft material. 


What I’m Wearing

Cybill Fleece Wrap: If you don’t have a long fleece sweater in your closet, I highly recommend you purchasing one - this one to be more specific ;) The combination of organic cotton and recycled poly in this fleece knit is extremely soft {most definitely the softest fleece sweater in my closet}. You can find it an array of colors so no matter your palette preference, you’re covered! They length is also wonderful - almost like wearing a good looking robe all day - and is a great ‘throw-on’. 

Phoebe Tunic: I’ve been able to get away with wearing it as a dress {even with the belly here - side note, I'm 5'2'' just to give your better idea of length}, but I’ll be pairing it with leggings this week, and then, of course, when it gets a bit cooler out this Fall. I really like how the back is longer than the front, and side seams have a nice slit for movement. It’s definitely an upgrade from the usually t-shirt tunic! 

Evan Tee: Whenever I look for a new tee to add into my wardrobe, I always look for length. I don’t like when they cut me off at my hips, and I prefer for them to cover a good portion of my backside. This tee is the perfect length for me, and could even be considered a tunic. It’s made from 100% organic cotton - do I even have to mention its comfort? Also, I find the sleeve style quite unique in that your thumbs have a little place to go! Honestly, it’s been a long-sleeved style I’ve been searching for for some time so I may need to get a few extra colors for this Florida fall.  

Where to Purchase

You can find all Yala's collections online - here -

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