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 Kettle & Teacup by  Terra Klay

Kettle & Teacup by Terra Klay


I believe I have stumbled {with much excitement} across my favorite fall read... NEVOAZUL is an independent magazine {written in both English & Portuguese} "where minimalism, consumerism and sustainability merge with art, literature & culture". As someone who promotes a more sustainable wardrobe and can't have a full day without being bit by the tech bug, this magazine offers me a moment of check & balance. I strive for the usual sense of daily balance, but become quickly distracted by the 'follows' & constant emails. Reading others' stories on sustainability, art & minimal lifestyles is inspiring for many of us, especially for those who feel trapped in a consumer driven world {& their phones :D!}. 

Within NEVOAZUL's first edition you dig into Einstein's minimalist life, digital influencers dealing with balance in reality and blog, importance of organic cotton, wisdom of Greek philosophers, beauty in the broken and so much more... Every new story I came to I immediately fell in love & upon finishing, dug for more information online {yeah, see! I can't get off my phone}. When I read, I want to learn - I'm not one who reads for fun - yeah, I know people find this odd :P. However, with this print, I learned a lot & thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. I can't wait to get my hands on their next edition, and this one will definitely be passed on to my friends. Are you wanting to dive in the world of simple living & balance {or already there & living the life!}? I highly recommend adding NEVOAZUL to your reading list. You can purchase it online - here - Plus, if you prefer a digital print, they have this option, as well. Personally, it's a breath of fresh air for me to have the print edition. Give those eyes a tech break ;) I'm already practicing my balance...