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Inspire Your Yoga Journey with These 8 Limbs of Yoga Practice Cards

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OM Matters

Two summers ago, I posted about OM Matter’s mission and their yoga practice cards. Since then, the deck of 8 has expanded to 30! I highly suggest anyone who has a lot on their mind or a very busy schedule {I’m sure most of you!}, have one of these on their coffee tables so when you are enjoying that cup of joe in the morning, you take the time to read at least one card and think on it. It can seriously save my hectic mind sometimes :D 


Reasons to Love The 8 Limbs of Yoga Practice Cards 

Great for Self-Care: From physical postures to breathing exercises, meditation to philosophical practices, this is the perfect excuse to give yourself a few minutes of the day to work on you.  

Improve Your Yoga Skills: I’ve taken several yoga classes in the past, and have done a little reading, but I am no expert. I really love how these cards are made for just about anyone, no matter where you are in your journey of yoga.

Gives Back: We all love a product that goes beyond the purchase. OM Matters contributes 10% of the sales of these cards to support yoga for at-risk youth. There are so many benefits to practicing yoga, such as building confidence and lessening anxiety, making it a great outlet for vulnerable kids.

Plus, the cards are practicing the teaching of ahimsā {non-harming} so they are made on recycled paper. How fitting is that?! 

Where to Purchase

You can buy the complete pack - here -


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