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Inspire Compassionate Action with OM Revolution

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Inspiring people to be the change they wish to see in the world

with OM Matters

You may remember reading about OM Matters in my Ethical Yogi post from last month. This California-based brand goes full circle. From the eco-minded garments to giving back, OM Matters is more than just a yoga clothing line. This week, they have launched their OM Revolution campaign which is all about bringing us closer together so we can build a stronger global community. Plus, with each purchase of their eco-conscious, message-driven products, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to {American Civil Liberties Union}.

What OM Revolution Means to Me

When it comes to my work with Sustainably Chic, I hope one of the loudest messages portrayed is that of stewardship. Having pride in your environment can be contagious, and my OM Revolution is to inspire those to think about the long-term and the people who come after us. To do so, we must think about our day-to-day. I'm not just talking about our impact on the environment, but our impact on people, too. How we treat each other, how we build each other up and how we inspire others through our actions. Sustainability has taught me so much about my own personal impact - with people and the planet. It's such a balanced concept, it can't work unless we put emphasis on everything - our economies, our societies, our environment. Stewardship is an ethic we can apply to all three of those things. 

Things aren't going to improve without action - we must continue the discussion in order for future generations to live a peaceful, safe & sustainable life. If you have a platform, I encourage you to speak about ways we can work on our present in order to make way for a stronger future. 

What Does OM Revolution Mean to You?

p.s. I'm wearing the OM Revolution Tee Shirt in Blue - made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic & 50% organic cotton. & if you want to hear me speak about what OM Revolution means to me, check it out on Instagram