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with bleusalt

An LA-based apparel brand, BLEUSALT is making us re-think eco-friendly fashion. Those words "granola" & "tree-hugger" aren't relevant anymore. BLEUSALT is convincing us that responsibly-made clothing is fun, trendy and fit for the empowered, modern girl. The eco-stereotype is changing quick with a country full of young women who care about the world and their impact on the environment. The word is spreading, and we know how dirty the fashion industry has become. We want to maintain our funky, youthful looks, but at the same time we don't want it to cost the planet. Luckily with BLEUSALT, we are able to continue expressing ourselves through clothing without the guilt. 

It's important to note that not all fabrics are created equal. Because fabrics are my favorite part of the sustainable fashion industry, I'm going to go over the ones BLEUSALT uses in their line. Tencel and Modal are some of the softest fabrics around, and lucky for us, they have a lot less of an impact on the environment compared to most traditional cottons and viscose. Both use raw material - Modal is made from beech wood, while Tencel is made from the eucalyptus tree. Another fabric they use; Linen is also a raw material. Flax {what linen is made from} is stronger than cotton, and requires little energy to process and fewer pesticides than conventional cotton.  The most harmless natural fiber, organic cotton can also be found in this collection, and refrains from any use of pesticides or toxic treatments during processing. One of the coolest fabrics, RECOVER, is made from 50% recycled polyester and 50% recycled cotton. This type of fabric doesn't require water, harmful chemicals, dyes and gives off near-zero CO2 during production. Pretty awesome, right?! 

Now for some of my favorite pieces... 

The Devon Hoodie Dress | Made from Organic Cotton & Modal. Seriously soft with contrasting pockets AND a hood.. this dress has it all. 


Pico Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt | Made from Organic Cotton & Modal. Peek-a-boo shoulders, raw edges and total comfort - this is probably my favorite piece!! 

Silicy Cut Out Tee | Made from Modal. An easy basic with some sass. Kind of thinking of cutting all my tees this way ;)

Domi Short | Made from Modal & Recycled Poly. You HAVE to feel the inside of these. & the back is pretty cute, too...

Ibiza Open Back Top | Made from Modal. Looks like your basic casual tee in the front, but wait.. it's bringing sexy back. Pair it with the Domis or some cut-off shorts. 

I'm sure you eco-babes are obsessed as much as I am so click - here - to shop the entire collection. 

Where you wearin' your BLEUSALT to? 

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