Sustainably Chic

Hey Guys! Put Your Best Foot Forward

Natalie Kay


About three years ago, Italian lifestyle footwear brand, GEOX, started a sustainable initiative within the company called GEOX Inspired. It was here where they wanted to seize every opportunity in creating a natural, sustainable shoe, and transform their business model into a more eco-friendly way of working. Their first project, NEW:DO features a men's shoe perfect for everyday wear, and made using natural material & less energy. This shoe was built to last, and keep you in sync with your life and the world around you. Now, my questions is.. where is the ladies shoe?! I want one! ;)

There is nothing here, no material, no component, that shouldn’t be. Every design decision has been carefully considered. Less artifice. Less waste. Less energy. More focus. More style. More elegance.

The NEW:DO shoe has a natural and recycled rubber sole extracted from the Hevea Tree with a sustainably tanned leather upper. The lining is a cotton-linen blend, and is also used to cover the insole made of coconut and bamboo fiber. Know your foot will stay dry through wear with their perforated sole, which has a resistant, breathable and water-repellent membrane. Want to try a pair out for yourself? Order online - here. The simplicity of this shoe will fit into your lifestyle & wardrobe easy!