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Happy Caturday | Shirts that Save our Furry Friends

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The Tree Kisser

How can any animal lover resist this tee?? Plays Well With Animals is puurrrfect for anyone who can't just walk by a little furry guy & not pet it. This tee is made in New York, and designed & printed in Denver Colorado on bamboo & organic cotton. It is so soft, and with the poncho-like fit it is very flattering. My sweet kitty, Tickles, is 20 years old and totally over her model days. She hears my camera start to beep and wants to run away :P This face may look grumpy to you, but I swear she is purring SO loud.  & sorry for all the cat hair ... comes with the territory. 

This tee {like all the others on their site} gives 10% of sales to several deserving and wonderful animal rescue organizations, such as Animal Rescue Corps, Toronto Pig Save, Animal Aid Unlimited, Hand In Paw Rescue, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, and Pets of the Homeless. Each Tree Kisser piece comes complete with a catchy phrase which will get any conversation started. I'm all about some tees creating positive energy and progressive chats! 

Did you see my sweatshirt from a few weeks ago? Click - here - if you missed out!! It's a good one!

I wanted to share with you two more of my favorites from The Tree Kisser! I see some future holiday gifts here... {p.s. they are also made from organic/eco fabrics}

All I Want For Christmas Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt: I think the lyrics need to be re-written, don't ya think? :P After wearing the 'Save the Animals' sweatshirt practically everyday the last month, I know this style is extremely comfy! 

Save Me a Drink Poncho: The same funny three lines on my sweatshirt are found in the poncho style, too!! 

bribing her with food..

bribing her with food..

The Tree Kisser has a great Instagram you need to follow!! All the fun tees & happy customers are on there :D

Happy Caturday, everyone!