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Go Vintage & Give Your Closet Character While Reducing Its Carbon Footprint

FashionNatalie Kay

Smock Walker Vintage

Vintage is the one kind of item I never have the feeling of guilt when I buy. It's giving a new life to a garment that probably has been loved by a few others before you. Vintage pieces have always been more special to me because of their history. I'd like to think I'm continuing its story in a new decade. The best compliment you can get 'Oh, where did you get this?! I want one!'  -  'Well too bad honey, you probably won't find it ;)'. We all like to be unique when we dress ourselves {at least, I would hope we all like to be unique - ugh, trends}. Shopping through vintage shops like Smock Walker Vintage will no doubt give your closet character AND reduce your carbon footprint. 

 Well, not only are these pieces super cool {Justina, the owner, has an awesome eye for great finds} each purchase gives 10% to the non-profit organization Mercy for Animals. an organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. What better way to experience fashion than keeping gorgeous pieces out of the land fill and making sure our animal friends are free from abuse? {my vegan friends, I have found your new favorite place, right?! :D} 

I have so many great pieces from Smock Walker that I'll share with you throughout the fall, but if you haven't seen these levis you need to. If you need a new pair of denim pants or shorts, click here. This is the best selection of vintage denim I've seen! I'll definitely be stocking on some high waisted shorts soon... 

There are also some more gorgeous Kimonos listed. I photographed the one I'm wearing here in an earlier post this year, and got quite a few messages about it. Unfortunately, it's the only one BUT there are many more lovely ones to go through and Justina is constantly updating her shop

By far the biggest selection from Smock Walker is the dresses and rompers. AHHH so many cute pieces!! Have fun going through them all & going on your vintage shopping spree <3 <3 <3