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with Natural Home Brands

You may remember seeing this brand a couple years ago on the blog. I was using their compost bins and other bamboo ware for the first time, and couldn't believe how awesome the products were at such an affordable price. Better yet, they were far superior to the {not so eco-friendly} utensils I was using before. After hearing all the horror stories of melted plastic contaminating food, I've been glad to have made the switch to Natural Home Brands! 

What I Love about Natural Home Brands

The Materials: Okay, this may look and feel like plastic BUT these products are actually made from bamboo. Pretty crazy, right?! Molded Bamboo®, their innovative IP, is made with no plastic, petroleum, or polyolefin, and is 100% BPA free! Not to mention, bamboo is very sustainable as a hard good because it is stronger than oak and only takes four years to reach maturity {without all of those yucky pesticides}. 

The Quality: Bamboo is known to be tough, durable and lightweight making it ideal for kitchen goods. Since bamboo is quite dense, it is naturally water-resistant which helps inhibit germs and bacteria from contaminating your products. I had no idea many of my wooden spoons I used to use would trap moisture and germs making it difficult to clean properly {they would also split and break which I couldn't stand}. These goods are the perfect fix! Plus, they won't scratch your pans like the metal guys.

The Style: Besides being functional, these pieces actually look good. They come in fun colors, or if you prefer all natural, you can find the 'wood' or 'stainless steel' look, as well. 

The Price: All of their products are absolutely affordable! The entire baker set is $46, and many of the necessary kitchen utensils start around $5. So yeah, no excuse for not buying green ;) 

The Assortment: Literally everything you would need in the kitchen can be found at Natural Home Brands. From spatulas to tableware, you'll find what you're looking for. They even have a line for pets, cleaning and, of course, their popular composting products are there, too. 


Where to Purchase

Find all of Natural Home Brands online, and make sure to stay up-to-date with new products on Instagram.

 What I'm Using

I have quite a few of their products in my kitchen {like spatulas, spoons, product bags, etc}, but the newest addition to my cooking is the Bakers Essential Set. I've actually been living without measuring cups and spoons for a while, and I've never owned big mixing bowls so needless to say, this set has come in handy! I love the colors, the Molded Bamboo®  & how I can easily stack it all together for storage.  

*note: my pregnancy brain is alive and well, and the whisk shown in my photos is a very old one of mine, so the real one is pictured to the side!*


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