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tax season is upon us!

If you were here with me last year, you may remember me talking about It is hands down the best way to file your taxes, especially if giving back is a passion of yours. Not only is their system incredibly easy to use, for every tax return filed donates $2 to Healing Waters International. This wonderful organization creates sustainable projects in developing nations to bring community members safe drinking water. Last year, was able to fund 2.6 million gallons of clean water which is absolutely incredible! Doing your taxes seems more appealing now, right? is headquartered in Franklin, NC, and has been creating professional-grade income tax software since 1977. They develop DIY and professional tax software to make filing taxes simple using either your phone or desktop. An interview helps guide you through your taxes and return, and federal data transfers to your state return, saving you time. Plus, refunds come quick and all data is securely saved for next year’s taxes. I used last year, and enjoyed it more than any other tax software I've used before {& I've gone through a bit!}.

There are three packages offers when filing your taxes. {p.s. it's all very affordable!} 

1. If you have a simple tax situation - Federal Return: FREE  | State Return: $9.95

2. If it's more complicated {kids, investment, childcare, college} - Federal Return: $19.95 |  State Return: $14.95

3. For business owners & 6 figure+ salary earners - Federal Return: $39.95 | State Return: $19.95

I think many of us become overwhelmed this time of year, especially if life has changed a lot since doing last year's taxes. is here to make the process stress-free and easy. As someone who appreciates aesthetics, their clean, crisp and easy to navigate site is the last of what I need to check everything off my list:

Social Impact - Easy to use - Affordable - Beautifully Organized 

I'm assuming you have a similar list if you are on this blog :) To start filing your taxes today, click here.

I didn't want to finish this post off without sharing the photos from last year's trip to Guatemala where they sent a team to help with Healing Water International. The year before, they took a trip to the Dominican.