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Full Bloom Beauty

Created by Kristen Miles, Full Bloom Beauty was inspired by her childhood years spent in Southern California on her grandparent's palm tree and succulent nursery. Within the whipped body butters, bath salts and scrubs she uses local ingredients such as; avocados, citrus, lavender and florals, alongside moisturizing shea butter. Everything is made-to-order in Carlsbad, CA and packaged in sweet little glass mason jars. There are no preservatives, no fillers and no water. Click below to read more, and find out why all-natural products are Kristen's go-to. 

A little goes a long way with her products! Especially this time of year, when your skin is a little more dry the usual, the whipped body butters really work on those tough spots! Also, it is refreshing not having to use a ton of product in order to moisturize your skin. The two body butters I have been using are the California Glow & Cocoa Glow. The California Glow's key ingredient is avocado which has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and hydrating properties. Kristen feels the beauty industry is quick to over look this amazing fruit, and makes sure to use it within every product. The Cocoa Glow is ultra-hydrating, and uses unrefined cocoa butter and shea butter, avocado oil and softening essential oils. The combination of cocoa butter and essential oils aid in reducing the signs of stretch marks making this body butter ideal for expecting or new mothers. Besides not having to use a ton of product, my favorite part of the whipped body butters are the natural scents. They are refreshing and not overwhelming like so many perfumed moisturizers. 

Interview with Kristen of Full Bloom Beauty

What was the inspiration behind starting Full Bloom Beauty?

I’ve lived in Carlsbad, CA my entire life. Carlsbad is a beach town in San Diego County, but it’s also a rich agricultural region. My grandparents started growing palm trees and succulents here in the early 1960’s and I was lucky enough to spend time at their nursery as a kid. My grandparents were makers and growers before it was trendy. My summers breaks included running through greenhouses, planting baby Kentia palms and watering Pink Jade. That experience instilled a deep love of horticulture in me and I’ve carried on their legacy by growing many of my own plants.  My experience on the nursery showed me firsthand the power that botanicals have to enrich our lives. Full Bloom Beauty harnesses the power of botanicals to give women happy, healthy, glowing skin. 

Why is it important to you to use all-natural products?

As a natural redhead I’ve always had fair, sensitive skin and have had to be very cautious with the products I use. Our society is very focused on the purity of the ingredients we eat and put into our bodies. However our skin is actually our largest organ. And there hasn’t been as much focus on the purity of what we put on our skin.  It’s the man-made preservatives and fillers in bath and beauty products that most often cause problems, especially for those with sensitive skin. I started Full Bloom Beauty in response to this need. I use only pure, all-natural plant-based ingredients especially designed to bring out the natural beauty in all women.

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