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From Waste to Fashion, This Brand Is Making Used Tires Chicer Than Ever

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Chic Made Consciously

Could upcycling get any cooler? After the creator, Cassandra Ciarallo, connected with the people and artisans of Bali during a 2014 trip, she envisioned a world without fast fashion by putting her new found passion into action. Cassandra decided to collaborate with them, and bring their talents to new markets - and I’m sure you will be very happy she did!

 Why I love Chic Made Consciously 

The Materials: Pretty impressive this whole line is made from old tires, right?! I love the idea of taking someone else’s trash and making it into something beautiful. It’s quite amazing how many tires we actually go through, too. In the US alone, there is an estimate of over 300 million tires thrown out every year. That’s so much opportunity for creating new product!

The Makers: During Cassandra’s travels in Bali, she learned how the locals dumped their tires in landfills, which eventually led to pollution of the island and waterways. Some artisans in the area wanted to do something about this issue. Cassandra teamed up with ArtCycle Bali to create a new line - Chic Made Consciously! TriPatworo, the creator of ArtCycle Bali, has been upcycling tires since 2006. So everything you find at Chic Made Consciously is hand made by artisans who are preserving the Indonesian culture of art and craftsmanship while earning a fair wage.

The Design: I feel a lot of trendy chic vibes throughout their collection, and the choker has the perfect amount of femininity and edginess -  I really like the balance between those two worlds! From bags to earrings and belts to bracelets, these designs are rather unique and something you don’t see often. Are you a festival attendee or a lover of anything floral? They have a collection made just for you. Even the men can get in on the action! 


What I’m Wearing

Bloom Choker: This is probably one of the first chokers I forget I’m wearing throughout the day. You know how most of them feel tight and start to annoy you at some point? I don’t have that feeling with this one! It’s extremely comfortable and fits like a glove. It has an easy snap in the back that stays secure the entire day. What’s really cool about this piece, besides the use of upcycled tire tubes, is the energy it saves compared to using leather as a resource. There is no power needed to work with reclaimed tires {& obviously no cattle and land since leather is not used} so each necklace is saving an equivalent of 1.2 hours of bulb energy and .4 cars off the road for a day. Then, of course, there is the idea of circular fashion where a material can be turned into something useful rather than sitting in a landfill. It all sounds great to me! 

 Where to Purchase 

To shop Chic Made Consciously’s entire collection click - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with new products on Instagram

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