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Simply Wood Rings

 I'm thrilled to have found an eco-alternative to the traditional metal rings! It's been a request I've received a lot from viewers, and I can't think of any line more fitting than this. Whether you are shopping for a wedding band, jewelry gift or a little treat yourself piece, one thing is clear - these rings are perfect for those who care about the environment. When it comes to fashion, I don't think it gets more intimate than using a piece of nature to symbolize a union between two people or celebrate the month in which you were born. Wouldn't you agree? 

Why I Love Simply Wood Rings

1. The materials. All of their wood comes with a story, and is responsibly-sourced in their region {they are based in the lovely city of Chicago}. For example, the wood could have come from a fallen, playground tree or even salvaged from a xylophone factory {ah, I love this!}. You can find an entire list of woods they offer, as well as their range of stunning inlays, here.

2. The craftsmanship. I wish you could all be holding one of these rings right now. When I first thought of a 'wood ring', I did not expect such a gorgeous little creation sitting in my hand. I'm completely drawn to the tiny wabi-sabi characteristics of the wood encased in a glossy, perfect circle. Gustav Reyes, the artist-owner behind Simply Wood Rings, has a long history in wood working and a degree from the Art Institute of Chicago. He was able to combine his experience and love of the environment for the last 11 years making wood wedding bands for us to enjoy. 

3. The uniqueness. When you typically think of engagement rings or wedding bands, white gold probably comes to mind first. I don't know about you, but I like to have something different and drift away from the norm. What a conversation starter a wood wedding band would be, right? Then you can talk about your eco lifestyle, and cross your fingers they want to make those little changes like you ;)

4. The quality. Like I said before, I wish I could place one in your hands right now. Their rings are so beautifully crafted, and you can tell there is a whole lot of love put into this piece. And the way the inlay is set looks absolutely flawless!  They are definitely made to cherish a lifetime. 

5. The price. For something that lasts year after year, I find their prices to be fair and quite reasonable. A set of wedding bands start around $400 and go to about $1,100. 

6. The practicality. The minimalistic aesthetic of the wood rings make them perfect for everyday wear. Plus, they are super lightweight for easy all day comfort, and they are simple to care for over time. 

What I'm Wearing

Maybe one day I will have some wood bands of my own {hint, hint to the boyfriend who never reads my entire blog posts ;)}, but for now, I am thoroughly enjoying my Birthwood August Ring. This is the first time I have ever seen such a thing - a wood ring to represent my birth month. As a child, anytime I would see Peridot or some form of jewelry representing August, I couldn't leave the store without purchasing/begging my mom {I didn't always win}. All those feelings are resurfacing as an adult, and I'm so excited to have an eco ring with the August birthstone inlay. Couldn't come at a better time of year - I'm already thinking of my August Peridot themed blog post. The obsession begins again... 

The August Birthwood Ring is made from Apple Wood - the apple tree symbolizes strength, gentleness, abundance and giving, and the wood itself is valued for its strength and fine grain. It can come light or dark, or even a mixture of both! The middle light green inlay you see is crushed Peridot, probably one of the most beautiful gems on the planet {I may be a bit biased}. 

If you are wanting to make the rings extra special, you can add an inscription up to 26 characters. What a great way to commemorate a birthday, wedding or other special message! 

Where to Buy

Shop Simply Wood Ring's entire collection, here

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& don't forget to stay up-to-date with all the beautiful photos of their wood bands on Instagram

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