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From Seed to Fashion | This Jewelry Line is Sweet, Lightweight & Sustainable

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I've spent the last few years lusting over MUJUS jewelry via Instagram. The colors, sustainable materials and structural designs have always caught my attention. It's different than a lot of what you find, and best of all, the entire business is mindful. Paola, who I've chatted with on & off since beginning Sustainably Chic, is extremely talented. When we speak, I can tell how much she cares about MUJUS' purpose, and creating a positive impact through fashion. The connection we have with what we wear can be so meaningful if we know it has a wonderful story. MUJUS has this, and wearing one of their pieces not only makes for a fairer industry, it also connects us to culture, Peruvian culture. Why Peru? Well, that's where Paola is originally from. She was working on Wall Street for four years when she decided to go on a self-discovery journey through her original home, Peru. This is where the inspiration for MUJUS began. With her entrepreneurial spirit, Paola mixed her traditional roots & urban life with non-traditional & sustainable materials to form a gorgeous jewelry line. 

Learn more about Paola here.

All MUJUS pieces are handmade under fair trade practices by artisans in Ecuador and Peru. Instead of using plastics and resins, MUJUS decided to go a more 'eco' route and chose to work with corozo, also known as vegetable ivory. It's animal ivory's sustainable substitute! Corozo are seeds from a palm tree, and can be carved & shaped just like wood. It gives an appearance of ivory, and is extremely lightweight making it the ideal material for jewelry! 

Now, how adorable is this necklace I'm wearing?! The Heard Pendant is too cute for words! Plus, it comes in several different colors {shown below}. Don't you think it pairs well with polka dots and stripes? Seriously has my name written all over it, and now that we have a black heart emoji, I know it was meant to be ;)

With all the gorgeous colors and styles, you can't just fall head over heels for one so I've made a little gallery below to make up my Top 5 faves! 

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Lily Leaf Necklace   |   River Rock Necklace   |   Sofia Necklace  |   Miro Necklace

Shop the entire MUJUS collection here. Don't forget to get social & follow them on Instagram. {oh & did I mention they create for men & children, too?!}

psst.. a MUJUS piece would make a great Mother's Day gift .. wouldn't you say? <3

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