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From Lorries to Bags, Here is Upcycling at its Strongest

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We all hate throwing things out, so we find use where others would merely discard. What I love is when a brand can find an alternative use and create quality out of an item which has been thrown out. M-24 does something very unique, and takes used lorry {or for us here in the states - truck} tarpaulins to make duffles, backpacks and smaller accessories like pencil cases. The thing about these tarps, they are pretty tough so naturally they make a great, indestructible bag. Mat, the creator, was fed up with his bags constantly ripping from the many trips and travels during college. Therefore; he took matters into his own hands and started out on his quest to design the perfect durable bag. 

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Working with a few salvaged items from his family's farm in Somerset, UK in 2012, Mat started with a sewing machine, scissors and a 2 meter ruler. Quickly realizing he couldn't sew, he hired some experts and things grew from there. Four years down the road, M-24's team has upcycled 10 tonnes of lorry tarpaulins! Pretty impressive, right? 

I was quite surprised of the durability when I received my Macbook Sleeve. I guess I had never thought of how durable a tarp actually was {especially being thrown out at some point}, but I know my macbook will be safe the rest of its life. The sleeve is waterproof with a neoprene padding to protect it from its usual bangs while traveling, and the design is slim enough to take with you anywhere. I'm absolutely impressed by how well their products are constructed, and the manufacturing process is very interesting. First, they start off with lorry tarps salvaged from all over the UK, which they then bring back to their HQ in Somerset. Next is cutting the tarp into large rolls while creating zero waste, and then cleaning in a hot eco wash. After a nice drip dry, the rolls are cut for the bags to be sewn by using the latest technology in pattern making. Since all bags are unique, each needs to be photographed to publish online. M-24 only sells through their online store or in their pop-up shops they host a few times a year in the UK. This is to prevent overproduction and unnecessary outsourcing to keep up with orders. Kudos to that!! 

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