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From Flock to Fashion | Sustainable Merino Scarves

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You've heard of farm to table, but farm to closet is what Sustainably Chic is always after. Transparency from the very very beginning is key to building a sustainable wardrobe. We want to know who's behind the clothing we wear everyday. LoveMerino is giving us that honest, slow fashion approach us conscious ladies are looking for. This responsible fashion brand uses the finest Merino wool which comes directly from their own farm in Wellington, NSW, Australia. Glenwood farm has been in their family since 1898 - that's five generations of farmers {click here to meet the Smiths}! They believe in a holistic system of sustainable land management which {of course} includes the ethical treatment of their animals. By having total control over production and materials used, LoveMerino is able to offer us a quality garment we can appreciate for many years while keeping their carbon footprint low. 

In today's fashion industry, it's quite difficult to find the brands who truly embody the concept of sustainability. I feel as if I am always trying to explain the definition while leaving room for subjectivity. This concept is one which should be applied to everything in your life, and the main goal is to be conscious about future generations. It's interesting to watch a family of farmers uphold this concept because their future generations within the business are so personal. The Smith's say, "Glenwood is not just a farming business but a way of life - we aim to achieve a harmonious balance between the landscape, animals, business and our family." & this hits sustainability right on the spot! What is so wonderful about working with merino sheep is the regeneration of land. Glenwood has seen the re-emergence of several native grasses which were thought to be extinct. These sheep are able to mimic nature allowing the environment to thrive. This is a perfect example of how fashion and animals can coexist in harmony. 

So what makes this merino wool special {besides the obvious sustainable farming}?

After a few decades of research and development, Glenwood has created one of the most exceptional merino wools on the market. This particular fiber is non-itchy {yeah, I'm serious!} and very soft. It takes dye easy, and it's what they call an 'active' fiber meaning it works with your body temperature keeping you cool or warm depending on the season. Pretty amazing, right?! And because I hate ironing, I love that it has a natural resistance to wrinkles. Overall, this fiber is something amazing and creates such elegant scarves!! 

I'm wearing the Glenwood Summer Scarf in Plum/Natural. LoveMerino works with limited edition designers to create these beautiful prints and colors. The Glenwood Scarf is made in collaboration with Manuela Strano, an up-and-coming Australian designer. She is a graphic designer, and works in many different artistic fields including branding, packaging, letterpress and watercolors. I was instantly drawn to her botanical design that features roses and vines found at the homestead garden at Glenwood Farm. This scarf is extremely soft, and easy to pair with your existing wardrobe. Plus, it comes in several different colors - the sky blue is gorgeous!! 

Because the site is full of beauties, I thought I'd share some more of my favorites below:

Moonphase Scarf | Dip Dyed Scarf | Paper Daisy Scarf

Which ones are you loving?! 

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