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From Dreams to Needs, This Fashion Brand is Zerowaste & Changing Children's Lives

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Stormie Dreams

Being your own manufacturer has its benefits. You get to see all the work put into your clothing, and find the problems first hand. Stormie Dreams saw an opportunity within a LA manufacturing warehouse with the waste leftover from cutting. Using the leftovers and end of bolts from other brands, Stormie Dreams started its venture. Their tagline Cut & Sew Couture is 'the art of designing and manufacturing limited edition couture pieces; individually cut and sewing for a #dreamgirl'. Creating comfortable confident clothing while making the least amount of impact on the earth, and philanthropy {The Penny Jar Project} is the life of the brand Stormie Dreams. 

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Since the beginning of the year, I have been wearing my collection of Stormie Dreams A LOT.  Always receiving nice compliments, the words Stormie Dreams have left my mouth at least ten times when out and about. Not only do these clothes help provide clothing for children and are made from leftovers, they are incredibly affordable. 

Pattie Benavides, one half of the Stormie Dreams team, answered a few questions about inspiration  and their philanthropy, The Penny Jar Project.

What was the inspiration behind starting Stormie Dreams?

Stormie Dreams is a life long dream that has been in the works for nearly 11 years. What was originally inspired by a childhood dream to create a fashion brand that mirrors a sincere passion for the fashion industry was soon taken over by a need to change the toxic norms associated with the industry. 

Before creating a fashion brand, life presented a fashion-focused designer with a much different path…manufacturing. From humble beginnings, a family owned and operated manufacturing business was born in Los Angeles and quickly took off producing clothing for top, well-known brands and stores. It was during this time that proved to be a shocking truth to the amount of waste and pollution that takes place during the science of creating garments. 

Seeing the amount of wasted fabric during the cutting process of creating garments, the abundance of discarded fabrics filling up landfills, and toxic dyes ruining our natural resources all paved the inspiration for fulfilling a childhood dream of creating a fashion brand that had now taken on a lot more purpose. The use of reclaimed fabrics from companies so willing to discard rolls of fabric from cancelled or unwanted orders left Stormie Dreams with a huge opportunity! Why create more fabrics when there are so many beautiful fabrics already made to choose from? Also cutting every order gives our #dreamgirls the feeling of getting a couture piece of clothing specifically for them, especially with our pick your length option on our pants, maxi skirts/dresses, and jumpsuits. Being a manufacturer first allowed us to understand exactly what was missing from production and retail and allowed us to really cater to all our #dreamgirls. Stormie Dreams was inspired to create sustainable fashion and style that empowers women to feel confident and comfortable all day long with doing as little harm to the Earth as possible and helping others along the way. 

Like other brands, Stormie Dreams has leftovers, too, which they make children's clothes out of! The Penny Jar Project is their philanthropy they care deeply for.

Tell us a little bit more about the Penny Jar Project.

In the early stages of creating Stormie Dreams, we knew that sustainability was at the core of our brand, but we also knew that we had a lot of left over fabric that would remain during the cutting process and we quickly realized that it was just enough to create kids clothing with! This created the perfect opportunity to reach out to an old friend, Scott, who began this amazing non-profit organization called the Penny Jar Project, which was dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged, orphaned children in Africa. The Penny Jar Project relies on the help of kind donations that go directly into the costs of building a sustainable community for these children where they can live in a thriving environment and are provided with accommodating shelter, food, clean water, education and, most of all, a place nurtured by the defining aspects of a strong and happy family. In our efforts to provide one of the basic essentials for these deserving children, Stormie Dreams partnered with the Penny Jar Project in order to impact the lives of those around us and encourage the power of giving. For every purchase of a clothing item, Stormie Dreams will donate a clothing item to an orphaned child in Africa. We realize that with our manufacturing capabilities, we have the resources to provide these basic essentials for these children that will no doubt improve their well-being. Together, we can create a little change that will make a world of difference.

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 seriously living in these pants.. :)

seriously living in these pants.. :)

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