Sustainably Chic

For the Herbivores, Plantkillers & Conscious Consumers Alike

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From organic statement tees to sexy faux leather jackets, this US-based brand is putting the {pro} in the progressive fashion movement. They do it in such a chic way it’s totally contagious. I can see most of us having a long 'wish list' from this brand ;)

 Why I Love Fauxgerty

1. Their awesome aesthetic. It’s hard to not instantly fall in love with their look. It has subtle rocker vibes with a feminine & relaxed twist. If you love comfy tops and making a statement, you're going to want to get yourself into a few of their tees & sweaters. Words like 'Plantkiller' , 'Herbivore' & 'I'm Organic' are sure to get a conversation going... 

2. Their commitment to conscious shoppers & ethics. Chrissy Fogerty, the designer behind Fauxgerty {see the play on words there!?}, believes in ethical production while being mindful of resources used.

3. Their fabrics. Every garment is made right in the USA in Saint Louis and Los Angeles out of natural fabrics like hemp and organic cotton, as well as pre-loved vintage, innovative faux leathers and suedes. 

4. Their faux leather jackets. I mean, how cool are their jackets?! I'm just going to link it up  - here - so you can have a look for yourself.  

What I'm Wearing

Plantkiller Tank:  If there is any tank that makes you want more plants in your life, it’s this one. Made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic and 50% organic cotton jersey, this tank is super comfortable and long enough to wear as a tunic {woo hoo for leggings!}. Wondering what a Plantkiller is?! My grandmaman asked me when I was wearing the tank the other day. I showed her the definition on the back, "Long live house plants. Death to dinner.” - hah, I love it. My thumb is only green for air plants and succulents. 

I'm Organic Sweater: Let the world know you AND your sweater have hopped on the organic train. Not only is this sweater made from 100% organic cotton {I mean, duh}, they actually source their cotton from pesticide-free and socially responsible small farms in India and Tanzania. It is so incredibly soft and the perfect color for Autumn/Winter. Are you as excited for cooler weather as I am? 

 Where to Purchase

You can find the entire Fauxgerty collection online - here - & if you live in St.Louis, MO, you can check out their showroom Wednesdays-Sundays!