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While I blog a lot about organic & ethically made fashion, there is little talk about earth-friendly clothing for the professional. Workers within the healthcare field make up a rather large portion of our population {over 12 million}. In the US, there are currently over 3 million registered nurses - and they aren't the only ones wearing scrubs. You have cosmetic dental offices, eco-dentists' offices, elective cosmetic procedure offices, spas, and even home based workers! It's an industry that needs to step back and ask the same questions we are; 'who made my clothes?' 'what is it made out of?'. Thanks to businesses like Bella Organics Medical, healthcare apparel is finally becoming more friendly. Click below to see how they are changing scrub apparel from drab to fab. 

Bella Organics Medical's eco-friendly organic cotton and bamboo blend medical scrubs are luxurious, sophisticated AND comfortable. It's time you felt comfortable while working your long strenuous shifts. The customized blend {50% bamboo, 45% organic cotton, 5% spandex} help enhance durability, functionality and comfort of your scrubs. With bamboo's hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties, there truly is no better choice in fiber for the medical field. The bamboo & organic cotton is grown without any harmful pesticides, are completely biodegradable and wash easy. In line with their conscious fabrics, all scrubs are ethically produced in a green factory in China.

Created in 2010 by Natalie Schonfeld, Bella Organics Medical started as a need for better looking medical scrubs. Not only did she want to add more sophistication to the uniform, Natalie wanted them to be comfy and environmentally friendly, as well. Not being able to find these attributes huddled together, she set out to create the perfect medical scrub for women. The scrub top features classic v-neck styling, spliced sides, lots of pockets, contrast color stitching and no scratchy labels for added comfort. With a European cut, your work clothes will feel a little less dull and a little more high fashion {if you prefer a more relaxed fit, just size up!}. The pants {also in a European cut} feature a modern waistline with drawstring closure, cargo style pockets, {& again} no contrast color stitching and no scratchy labels {they recommend taking your pants to a local tailor to have them hemmed with your clogs/shoes on}. Plus, they come in a gorgeous purple!

Ready to make an upgrade in your scrubs? Shop Bella Organics Medical online, and follow on Facebook & Instagram. Stay tuned for a chance to win a pair of scrubs on Instagram this Thursday! 

Need a large order? Bella Organics Medical offers customized bulk orders for unisex, men's and women's. Choose from organic cotton, woven bamboo or a blend of both. They are dyed to order with logo options, as well. Click - here - to learn more.

Now go save the world & feel good while doing so! 


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