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Fighting World Hunger with Women's Activewear

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give activewear

Created by Ryne & Kelly Olson, Give Activewear's goal is to end world hunger through the sales of {chic} women's activewear. With every purchase, they are able to provide supplemental meals to malnourished children in Kenya, Guatemala, Uganda & more. Their goal of 50,000 meals will enable them to build a farm within a town they are aiding, creating a more sustainable life for future generations. 

Inspired by the success of Kelly's hashtag #JustOneAct, which promoted the act of generosity within millennials instead of the usual #sundayfunday, Give Activewear was the next big step in really changing the lives of others. Malnutrition affects 17 million children around the world, which results in over 1 million deaths per year. Partnering up with Action Against Hunger, 10% of your purchase goes to providing 6-15 meals for a malnourished child.

While maintaining your own health through exercising and staying active, you can be contributing to the end of world hunger! My Giver Floral Performance Leggings are, by far, the best workout pant I own. Extremely soft, comfortable & easy to move around in! Plus, the flower detailing adds for the perfect feminine touch. For the minimalistic lover, the grey Give Performance Leggings go great with a white top! 

The Give Racerback Workout Tank is one of those you can get away with wearing when you aren't working out! A little chillier in your neck of the woods? {I'm in the South, hence the sun & tank} Try the Give Thermal Hoodie.

Give Activewear has accessories, as well. Towels, bags and iPhone covers perfect for you and your friends! 

Shop Give Activewear's entire collection online, and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. Use code CHIC15 for 15% off your entire purchase - PLUS Free US Shipping until January 31st.

We’re dedicated to ending world hunger and promoting global health. That’s why we’re here…that’s why we’re doing this.
— Give Activewear