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Life Interwoven

A social enterprise based in Australia, Life Interwoven is helping artisans build successful businesses which can sustain their communities. The project was founded by a group of like-minded friends who wanted to support the disadvantaged while promoting traditional products and crafts. By working with villagers, artisans and entrepreneurs, Life Interwoven is bringing beautifully made sustainable products to conscious consumers everywhere. Profits go towards children's education in Thailand and Myanmar, as well as women cooperatives and small artisans who are able to keep the traditions alive through production. The project, also, supports disabled groups and allows them to participate in meaningful economic activities. Click below to see the beautiful ethically made home wares and lifestyle products created by the talented artisans. 

The 'Piano' Tropical Indigo Cotton Placemats are handmade by the Napanad Women’s Weaving Guild {Taidam} in NE Thailand. The Taidam is an ethnic group which migrated from China and Vietnam to settle in Thailand during the late 19th century. The placemats get their name from the piano-like pattern. The cream is the natural color of the cotton, while the indigo is created from the indigo plant by a traditional fermentation method. {interesting fact: because of the repeated dying process, indigo is one of the most difficult colors to produce!} These placemats add so much charm to a simple table, and nothing beats blues and whites in the kitchen. They store nicely, and are even machine washable! Looking for another color or print? Life Interwoven has 7 different styles of placemats, as well as a few table runnersDue to the handmade nature of the product, slight variations may occur.   

Besides their lovely placemats, I'm obsessing over their Ceramic Coffee Cups which are inspired by the shades of forest colors. This northern Thailand method of ceramics is known as Sa-lap. I could see this mug sitting on my placemat for sure! 

Decorate your house with their Owl Recycled Paper Sculptures which look like iron, copper, or bronze, but are made from recycled paper and the natural mineral gypsum. How cool is that?! 

To see all their handcrafted products {including some handbags} click - here. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook & Instagram, too!