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... the Greek word for "Anchor", "Something that holds"

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A Peruvian Fashion Brand, Ankura is here to promote responsible clothing, transparency & education. They work directly with small artisan communities in Peru producing high quality garments out of natural fibers. Even their fibers are sourced directly from Peru, and include some of the softest baby alpaca and pima cotton. With winter upon us, alpaca is a great choice when wanting to keep warm and cozy. The baby alpaca used by Ankura comes from the Andean communities, and their domesticated camelid. These animals are treated very well, and are bred organically and sheared only once a year. The communities use ancient techniques passed down from the Incas, and live a simple life off their land {hashtag, the art of slow living}. Their other choice of fabric, pima cotton, is a vegetable fiber grown on Peru's coast known for its durability, lightness and comfort. By using organic pima cotton, they are reducing their water consumption by 90%! All garments are either made in a small local workshop or by local artisan communities who have passed down the craft generation after generation. With each new collection, Ankura is helping keep these crafts and traditions alive, all while keeping the environment and their impact in mind!

I've become very familiar with their brand over the past year, and have truly enjoyed one of the pieces {from their previous collection} - the Hannah Skirt. I'm excited to add another piece to my ethical wardrobe with the sophisticated Georgia Skirt. The cut, slit, stripes and lining all work together to make this piece extremely flattering. Ankura keeps versatility in mind when designing their skirts. They want you to be able to dress it up for a cocktail party or wear it as your everyday casual look. This particular piece is a part of their newest collection, The Andean Mod. The Georgia skirt is made entirely from hand woven pima cotton fabric, which is done on a waist hand loom over a three day process {see photo below} in Caral, a small village located north of Lima. 

Be on the look out for their new campaign beginning November 4th! In this campaign, Ankura will be raising funds to help continue the support of the slow fashion movement, conscious living and artisan jobs. By pledging, you are helping the continuation of the Cantagallo & Caral Projects, and the success of a truly beautiful sustainable fashion brand. 

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{p.s. their designs will be reduced during the campaign, so perfect time to get your hands on an Ankura piece!!}