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Fall's Eco Bath&Beauty Round-Up

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a few Sustainably Chic favorites...

If we care about the clothes we wear, we most certainly should care about the products we use on our body! I'm excited to introduce to you a few new brands & online retailers. The Green Beauty industry has grown a ton since I started blogging a few years ago, and I'm finding new makeup brands and distributors through my favorite outlet, Instagram, everyday! So with each new brand I showcase in this post, make sure to follow their 'gram in order to stay up-to-date with new products & information. :)

1. Modest Planet

I've finally found it!! A razor made of wood!! {okay, the blades aren't, but you get that} I talk a lot about toothbrushes & the importance of choosing a bamboo handle to help eliminate landfill waste. So, why aren't our razors made of something biodegradable, too? I know a lot of us buy reusable handles, but I can't even begin to imagine how many I've lost or left on vacation - and that is a lot of plastic handles sitting around. I don't take the au naturale route either, so if you are like me, it may be time to switch out that handle next time you need a razor. Modest Planet's razors can be switched out with Mach3 blades AND Venus! While at checkout, make sure to add on some bamboo toothbrushes, too. It's probably the easiest sustainable switch you can make :)

Modest Planet is offering 35% off with code MODEST35 - click here to start shopping! 

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2. Lovr

It's like an Etsy for Green Beauty! LOVR is on a mission to bring you the best in natural, organic and sustainably-made skincare goods which help support the independent businesses in the beauty industry. Their ethically curated list has everything from hair products to mommy essentials, make-up to men's grooming - you can basically find anything your heart desires & know the product you're purchasing is from a transparent and honest brand. I've gotten to know a few of the brands within LOVR over the last couple of weeks, and I'm excited to become acquainted with more in the future! We Love Eyes is here to clean eyelids in the healthiest way possible, Kismet is giving me beautiful eyelashes on the daily, d.i.d is the first eco-friendly nail polish I have owned {& I'm super stoked about that!}, and Twinkle Apothecary creates cute plant-based beauty products, including deodorants which work & contain zero chemicals or parabens! 

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3. Orenda

This skincare line is total luxury. If you haven't found the perfect moisturizer yet, look no further - Orenda's Illuminating Face Serum is the one to try! {plus, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - so why not!?} Taking over two years to perfect, this serum is full of the best of the best, like lavender from high elevation in France! All the plant-based ingredients will help in reversing signs of aging and reducing redness and blotchiness. Want to find out more about this wonderful product? Read my post from Tuesday

Be on the lookout for two new products coming soon.. :)

Orenda is offering 20% off until 10/31 with code Chic20 !! 

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{eye palette is from Safe & Chic - another great resource for all your favorite organic make-up brands!!! use code Green10 for 10% off your entire purchase - lipstick by ILIA

What are some of your favorites in eco-beauty this fall?!