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Can't believe I'm still not done editing photos from my Euro trip - I think I took about 20 Fair OOTDs to shoot so there is still a good handful left. I'll be done in 2018... ;) Reims was actually our first stop in France, and we enjoyed an amazing bottle of Champagne on a patio in the streets {I mean, how could you not when you are in the region?!}. The entire day we were there - when we weren't sipping wine or taking photos - my mom and I were trying to correctly pronounce the name 'Reims'. It's not at all how you think it sounds... My French pronunciation is usually pretty good being I grew up around the language, but that one stumped me :P 

I digress - on to the clothes! & in particular, the beautiful Lola top by Esby found at online sustainable fashion shop, Belvele. 

Why I Love Belvele

You may remember seeing this online shop pop up on my blog last year. Monica Rojas, the owner of Belvele, has an eye for sustainable fashion. Her carefully curated shop features US-based ethical designers & brands. Belvele lives by the ideas of Design, Craftsmanship & Sustainability. Their clothing features designs which are everlasting and contemporary. I've worn my old Esby top time and time again, and I can fully stand behind the quality of their clothing. What's super cool about the Lola Top I'm wearing {besides it being made in the US out of natural fibers} is its versatility. This top can be worn with the buttons in the front or back so stay tuned for a future outfit ;) Some of my favorite pieces in my closet I'm able to wear multiple ways - I think this feature really adds to the 'sustainability' within a garment. 

Click - here - to shop their entire store. They currently carry 13 sustainable brands, and the men aren't left out! 

Shop the Outfit:

Lola Tank by Esby, Belvele $128

BackpackENAT $138

Colorines ShoesMamahuhu $140

& old Lucky USA jeans I've had for years

Sustainably Supported by Belvele. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored