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This town stole my heart. Colmar, France is such a charming place, it's hard to capture it all in a photo. I think I took about 50 photos of windows & shutters though ;) My three weeks through France have started off great. Beautiful weather, gorgeous towns, amazing food... having comfy pants & travel pouches help make the trip, too! MATTER has definitely made my travels more chic, comfortable & enjoyable. The motto rings true, their Classic Wideleg + IChing Pants are made to see the world in! Made from silk, these relaxed cropped pants are great for dressing up or down, as well as wearing during long car rides to your next destination. Stay tuned for more photos because these lovelies will be worn many more times on my trip :)

I don't know about you, but when I travel I like to be organized. I don't throw little things into one backpack or suitcase. They need their own little compartment so I can find them, and not take up time digging. That's what I love about MATTER's new travel pouches. They are perfect for holding your passports, cards, phone.. all the important things you need on your travels that you don't want to loose in the mix. The pouches are made from linen with their signature design block printed on the outside and screen printed on the inside. Each one is printed and stitched in Jaipur. You can find them in a bundle of three for $59 {awesome price, right?!} & the prints are beautiful - very minimalistic yet unique. If you need a little more space, they have an option for a bundle of 2 with one small {like I'm using here} and one big. 

Learn why I stand behind MATTER & their ethics on the Philosophy page.

Shop the entire look:

Necklace: Shilango

Bracelet: The IslaHands Producing Hope $22

Shirt:  Pierre BodyconKEMP GADEGÅRD $62

Pants: Classic Wideleg + IChing Pants, MATTER $209

Pouch: Travel Pouch {bundle of 3}, MATTER $59

Shoes: Po-Zu

On to the next city... 


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