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Outfits Pt. 2, OutfitsNatalie Kay

with Betsy & Iya

Wow, so if yesterday I thought I was on the roll with putting together great ethical outfits then I must be setting a new record for myself today. Three in a row! People always ask what I do, and I have to admit I kind of stay away from the word 'blogger'. I'm worried people won't take me seriously or think my job is easy {or worse, a hobby}. Truth is, this job is intense. I don't get days off, I'm constantly living in a cyber world and everyday I have to come up with new content. There is no 'power down' button {just 'sleep'} so when I happen to get three photoshoots and outfits put together in a row while planning new content and answering emails, I'm pretty proud of myself.

With all that aside,  I am excited to introduce to you a new brand {& shop} out of one of my favorite US cities, Portland, Oregon! betsy & iya is a handcrafted jewelry line, online shop and lifestyle boutique. They create all the jewelry in-house at their Portland studio, and fill their boutique with independent artists and designers they have met during their travels around the country. But back to the jewelry - more specifically, this awesome bolo-inspired piece, the Tassa. This modern take on the classic bolo is made with high quality 100% cotton Japanese thread spun into rope in their Portland studio with an original cast b&i bolo pendant and brass tubing which can be adjusted to fit high around a collar or midway to pair with tees & dresses. I'm sure I will have this bad boy around a collar in the near future {photos to come, of course}. Their entire jewelry collection is just beautiful - I love its simplicity and modern design. Like tiny pieces of art, you can tell how much thought and work went into each piece. I'm happy Betsy brought her little notebook to the coffee shop that one day in 2008 ;) You can read more about their story here. 


Necklace: Tassa, betsy & iya $79

Pants: Rodez Trousers, Kemp Gadegard $150

Handbag: Fringe Bag, Manos Zapotecas $89+

Shoes: Colorines CinnamonMamahuhu $94