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Outfit 3...


Another day, another lovely outfit.

Making fashion as responsible as possible....

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I know I’m late, but I - finally - have joined the romper club! Now, I know what the uproar was all about. Comfy like a dress, but without having your skirt fly around on a windy beach day. Genius! My MATTER Jump-In Romper isn’t like the rest, either. The fabric is quite special, and is made completely on a handloom. This print “Vahi” is inspired by the flow of clear spring water over pebbled riverbeds. It is woven in Pochampally, India and stitched in Delhi. My favorite is the low slung back drape {gives you a nice breeze!} which pairs beautifully with a tassel drawstring. MATTER creates travel wear with stories to tell, and offers us affordable luxury which supports the sustainability of rural textile communities. Their fabrics are stunning, and the quality superb - I know my MATTER piece will travel with me for many years to come. 
By the way, MATTER makes for men, too - can I say, “matching travel buddy?!”. :D

Never afraid to mix patterns, the Mawu Lolo Etornam Sandal is a subtle color & pattern combo which can easily pair with other prints you have in your closet. Meaning “He heard me.”, these sandals are handcrafted with a lot of hope & love from artisans in Ghana. Mawu Lolo works to create economic stability for rural Ghanaians, and pay a livable wage through the profit of their sandals in the US. With over 40% of Ghana’s population living in extreme poverty {they make less than $1 a day}, Mawu Lolo offers opportunity through employment to help break this cycle of poverty. Spread hope & purchase a pair in their online shop.
Check out their SuborSubor style sandal on a previous OOTD - they have definitely gotten their fair share of wearing this summer ;)

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To bring the outfit together, I added a Pimelia Necklace & Wakami Bracelets.

Hope everyone is having a nice end to their summer. I don’t think I’m going to miss this heat ;) How about you?!