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Fair OOTD | Hettie Hemp

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with Thought, Mamahuhu & Simbi

Two Fair OOTDs in a row.. I'm on a 'sustainable' roll this week! 

This outfit features one of my favorite fabrics, hemp. Yes, this dress is made from hemp {& a mix of organic cotton}!! Why do I always say 'yes' to hemp? Well, a couple reasons: (1) It's one of the longest lasting fabrics because the fiber is very strong and durable, (2) It's breathable and anti-bacterial making it both comfortable and safe, (3) This fast growing plant needs less space & water and no pesticides. Have I convinced you? If so, I think you'll love this dress, too. The Hettie Hemp Dress, by Thought, is an oversize design with a tie back to give yourself the desired fit. I'm definitely feeling the contrasting hem vibes these days. I pair this dress with either my cognac wing tips OR these fabulous boots.

You may remember the Colorines Cinnamon boots from yesterday's post. I've been wearing the heck out of these guys. Extremely comfortable and easy to pair with most everything in my closet. Like I mentioned before, Mamahuhu is helping support sustainable jobs and communities by offering unemployed artisans work in Colombia. Each pair of shoes are handcrafted with Colombian leather and are inspired by the cultural elements found during the founders' world travels. Luis and Carolina were on a trip in Bogota, Colombia during 2011. They came across a man repairing shoes, and found out he was one of the 80% who were laid off when mass production moved to Asia. They asked if he could make a pair from Carolina's design {which would be the first Colorines}, and the rest was history. 

My jewelry is all from Simbi, a socially responsible accessories brand creating all products by hand in Haiti for Haiti. Through their own non-profit foundation, Aqua Haiti, each purchase you make goes towards water purification projects in Haiti’s communities, schools, and orphanages. They, currently, work with over 350 Haitian artisans, and many of them lack access to clean water, resulting in cholera outbreaks. I've been obsessed with chokers lately, and the 5-in-1 Necklace is so cool wrapped around the neck. 

You may remember this bag from a few months ago! The Juuty Senanga is made from another great alternative fabric called Jute. Jute is known as the "golden fibre", and for good reason. Its appearance has a gold silk-like shine, and it creates great economic opportunity. At the moment, jute falls second to cotton in terms of production, but it's gaining momentum possibly for the fact it is cheaper to grow, requires no chemicals and consumers want more durable products. Being jute is one of the most environmentally friendly fibers in the world, choosing to work with this material was a no brainer for Juuty. Since the Senanga is so versatile {it can be a shopper or a backpack!}, I've been using this bag a ton. Don't you love how it has a little mirror?! 

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Shoes: Colorines CinnamonMamahuhu $94

Jewelry: Charm & Beaded Bracelets/Necklace, Simbi $28+ {use code chic for 15% off}

Bag: Senanga, Juuty $200 {use code Sustainablychic2017 for 10% off}