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Outfit 6

Something I love about living in Charleston, you can find the prettiest backdrops for photos and showcasing fair & eco clothing. A green wall with flower beds and shutters doesn't get much better, does it? Click below to see all the great brands involved with this lovely #slowfashion look...

Remember Madia & Matilda from this month's post on upcycled brands? The Layla crop top has become a staple of mine this summer. Its light green color goes with almost anything, and since my closet is full of high-waist skirts and shorts, it fits in pretty well amongst the wardrobe. Coolest part, this top is upcycled from upholstery material which means it has both a beautiful texture AND leafy print. Since upholstery fabric is more durable than most clothing fabrics, this top's lifespan has a little advantage already.

The skirt you may, also, recognize from a previous post {hope you don't mind seeing the same skirt, top & necklace used 10+ times within my OOTDs section. i understand this is a little different than the usual fashion blog, so i'm happy you don't get bored and can appreciate really using & loving what you own! it is hard to fall in love with a dress if you use it only once, right? #30wears+}. Ankura, the brand who made this skirt, is a Peruvian fashion brand for the modern woman. The Hannah Skirt is sexy, well-made & versatile - one you can get away with day or night. Read more about this wonderful clothing line on the blog. Head to their online shop & use code SUSTAINABLEISBETTER for 15% off! 

Last week, I had one of my favorite jewelry brands, One Happy Leaf, back on the blog showcasing new designs. I can't get enough of Anna's minimalistic and charming pieces. Being the material is bamboo, it is hard to not match every outfit you put on. Check out last week's post here. 

Alright, alright, alright - the topic of using leather as a sustainable resource has been weighing heavy on my mind. I have a feeling, based on a few instagram comments, I will be asked this in an interview tomorrow. If you don't know, I'm going to put this all out there: I am a big supporter of artisan-made leather goods! Personally, I'm not a meat eater {although, I eat anything you put in front of me - I can't pass up a meal when I know others are suffering}. I think the statement "this brand is not sustainable because it uses leather" is unfair. Many brands I have worked with have artisans where leather is their most sustainable resource {THEIRS, NOT YOURS!}. Especially for groups living in harsher climates, livestock is what sustains them. It's important to be respectful and remember how darn lucky we are here. I have the luxury of going to a healthy grocery store which offers me my favorite vegan snacks and great produce. Sustainability is very subjective - we are all SO different and come from unique backgrounds, cultures, religions & environments. We need to keep an open mind & realize our values are all very different. Sustainability is not just about the environment! Another reason why I support the use of leather is because the meat industry isn't going to end tomorrow. Why not use the resource to its full potential {in a responsible way, of course}? Why are we creating more resources made from unnatural material and plastics?! Not to mention, leather is extremely durable and long lasting. Some of my vegan bags, well, aren't bags anymore :P My point is, to deem something unsustainable and have a rather 'black & white' approach is limiting. I mean, if you want to criticize one thing to the extreme, you need to look at everything you do. You would be amazed of the corruption within products you use every single day. You are reading this from your iPhone 6 right now, right, while eating an avocado grown in an area experiencing severe drought?! Don't get me started on Technology waste ;)  {if you are vegan for animal reasons, I totally respect that - this is more a look on sustainability as a whole, rather than personal values} You have the right to 'agree to disagree' with me, of course. Great thing is, sustainability isn't a one-fit type concept. If you think this, and have a definite answer for what sustainability is for everyone, then you have already limited yourself to this great topic. EVERYTHING has an impact, some more than others, but that doesn't make it 'unsustainable'. It is all about balance, my friends. 

With that being said... Sapahn works with extremely talented artisans in Thailand to bring you this beautiful Aida Mini Bucket Tote. Sapahn empowers over 500 artisans, and their pieces are full of culture and stories you can't experience at H&M. Read more about this wonderful brand on the blog.

Feel free to share your thoughts, but please keep an open mind. {no bullies, please, you won't get anyone to change their minds if you're mean!}