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featuring Love Justly 

I love putting together a good 'Fair' Outfit of the Day. It's a great way to show how fashionable sustainability can be. There aren't excuses to wear clothing which has been unethically produced when you have online shops like Love Justly. Price is fair & affordable and aesthetics are on point, so the usual "it's too expensive" or "this looks frumpy" can't be said. Not allowing it :P Okay, but to be serious I do find this shop to be the perfect stepping stone into curating a more sustainable wardrobe. Love Justly offers clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, accessories and even a few little kid items.  Plus, they give back! With every purchase, 5% of profits is donated to Legacy Collective.

& good news for your pocketbook... they have the BEST discounts on ethical clothing. 

I'm wearing the CUTEST Bike Print Dress by one of my favorites, Liz Alig. You can snatch this dress for under $40 right now!! Amazing :D I don't even find it redundant wearing this dress with my bike. It has pockets, it's extremely comfortable and great for a stroll on the beach. This dress is handmade in the Himalayan Mountains, and hand-stamped using an old Indian technique. Liz Alig is a wonderful brand who creates sustainable jobs for women in order for them to provide for their families, education and some day even their own business! Find more sweet dresses like the Bike Print Dress - here - at Love Justly & follow them on Instagram

To complete the look:

Girl Power Scarf, Round + Square $65

O-Face Zebra Wood Sunglasses, Sboji $109

Olivia Cork Tote, Nina Bernice $189

Hope everyone has a beautiful week full of thoughtful outfits and good times!