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One of these days I plan on putting together a post showing off all my responsibly-made silk scarves. I never really thought about adding them into my wardrobe until a few years ago, but if I had to choose a scarf textile, it would be this one. The drape, the feel and the fact it can keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months makes silk ideal for this type of accessory. It's also extremely durable. A silk fiber is as strong as an iron wire, but thinner than your hair. This is a great reason why brands like Wyilda choose to use this material. They know it's lasting which adds a lot of value to a product.

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Dancing Foxes Scarf, Wyilda $182

Dawn Wrap Dress, Modernation $168

 Double Strap SandalOctober Jaipur $44

Why I Love Wyilda

Wyilda was formed out of a need to make a difference, and continue to show the world's true beauty. Founders Petra & Hanna's friendship goes way back. They grew up together in Sweden {yes, you see the lovely Scandinavian design, don't you?}, but parted ways later in life to embark on new journeys and education. Hanna went to school for Fashion & Interior Design while Petra travelled the world learning about Politics and Trade. Petra came into contact with the inequalities many women faced in third world countries. She had a calling to make change, and Petra & Hanna were brought back together for this. With Hanna's design background and Petra's experience, they were an unstoppable duo. 

I've always been a sucker for any garment with an animal, but the abstract design Wyilda uses for their fox is on top of my list. I love the use of geometric shapes to create the little guy - the designer Christin Eriksson got this statement accessory so right! This scarf is made with the finest raw materials which are free from toxic chemicals & a low carbon footprint. Better yet, with each purchase, 5% of profits are donated to AWAJ, a non-profit dedicated to defending the rights of workers in Bangladesh {you've watched True Cost by now I'm sure, so you can see how important an organization like this can be}. 

You know I am not much for trends, but a loosely knotted neck scarf I wouldn't argue with making popular! You can see the other ways to tie their scarves here

Which is your favorite?

p.s. this wrap dress can be worn 6 ways and I'll show you how to do so in the next week :D