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OUTFIT 10...

with In the Know & Windward Made

This year has felt like it has taken FOREVER for Fall to come. We were teased a few times last month, and turned the AC off & slept with the windows open. More heat swept through, and a hurricane - which brought a few cooler days after. I'm one of those who dresses like it is always fall. I wear tights a lot, and have a sweater with me at all times regardless of how hot it actually is. In Charleston, we do have chilly months, but they seem to be shifting back a bit. I'm excited to finally say, this is the first time I've checked our weather and for the next ten days we are no longer in the 80s. Fall is HERE! :D 

Back to my sweater & jacket obsession: 

I've found a cape dress!! & I'm totally channeling my inner Mary-Kate Olsen {yes, I'm a 90s kid & they were my fave}. The Place to Be Cape - literally my place to be, right now - is made from 100% organic cotton & feels like wearing a big sweatshirt! Plus, it has pockets!! In my college days, I lived in my VCU sweatshirts and could have used a fashionable upgrade like this one ^ :P You can find this piece online at In the Know - a destination for modern, sustainable fashion {perfect for the minimalist style, too!}. They even carry my favorite Swedish Stockings!

I've paired the cape with the Stamped Forest Scarf from Windward Made and a gorgeous green emerald Crossbody from Sapahn.

You can read all about how Windward Made creates their lovely prints & designs - here - This forest one has been a staple of mine this past Fall. I love the simplicity & how easy it is to pair with anything.

& Sapahn is known for their artisanal leather goods and supporting sustainable jobs for over 500 people throughout Thailand! Stay tuned for an Instagram Giveaway on Friday the 18th. We will be giving away a Ciara wallet to one lucky winner! 

Usually I don't post this many photos in a blog, but I have a new camera / new lens & my boyfriend took some amazing shots! The depth perception is on point, so I couldn't pick faves. Plus, I'm obsessed with this outfit. Typically, I see the usual blogger post over 20 photos for one outfit - I can do 12, right - just this one time?  :P:P Now for some "snow" photos..