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From women's clutches to men's wallets, every single product you find at Greater Things has a mission. Whether it be supporting sustainable jobs for artisans or putting a girl through school, you can feel confident in knowing your purchase has made a positive difference. Nathan & Julie, the creators of Greater Things, have had the wonderful opportunity to travel around the world. This enabled them to see first hand the inequalities and poverty many communities face today. This had them thinking that important question - 'What can we do?'. Thus sparked the idea for starting an online marketplace dedicated to bringing jobs to those who need it most. A place where we can shop useful goods, and help others rise out of poverty & even give women opportunity who are fleeing domestic abuse, sex trafficking and slavery. Now, that's what I call positive shopping! 

Why I Love Greater Things

1. The mission. As conscious consumers, it's nice to know our purchase is more than just an ordinary buy. I believe we have a lot of power as individuals, and an easy way we can use our power is through consuming {yeah, I know people hate that word} - because let's face it, we all have extremely busy lives and like to treat our selves to quality goods once in a while. Am I right?!

2. The brands. I've gotten to know a few of the brands they carry over the last few years, and love seeing when they all come together in one space. Bloom & Give donates half of their profits to education for girls and young women in India. I've always eyed BADALA's home goods which help to end poverty and sex trafficking {they make accessories, too!}. No matter what product you pull up, each one is associated with a brand who is working endlessly to make this world a better place. 

3. The quality. Not only are these products creating change, they are made with a lot of love to make sure you can enjoy them for years to come. My saddle bag is truly built to last! 

What You Can Find at Greater Things

Mini Tirhas Saddle Bag: If you are looking for a practical {yet chic} crossbody bag to fit your phone and other daily essentials {it even has slots for your cards}, this one is perfect for you. Created by sustainable brand FashionABLE, the Tirhas Saddle bag supports sustainable jobs for women & is handcrafted in Ethiopia. FashionABLE believes in order to end poverty we must provide jobs for those lacking opportunity, particularly for women.  

Other Things Women Will Love:

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 Things Men Will Love:

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 Things Your Home Will Love:

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