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When you think of the ethical fashion movement, you typically associate it with fairer wages and better working conditions. In order for a brand to have a truly sustainable clothing collection, they have to take much more into consideration. Of course, the type of material varies when it comes to sustainability {it gets complicated based on resources, economics & values}, but I think we can all agree organic cotton wins when up against conventional cotton. Kestan is on board with this logic, too. They know the importance of choosing organic & supporting the farmers who are against the use of harmful pesticides. The more we support and promote the use of organic cotton, the less disease, suffering and waste will occur. Like I always say, you can’t only purchase secondhand and hope the fast fashion industry goes to the waste side. It’s up to us to use our conscious purchasing power to create better industries. 

Kestan takes it a step further by using only eco-friendly dyes which help save water, energy and time. Their washing and dyeing process is done 3-4 times, while conventional methods go through the process an average of 7 times. Energy is saved due to lower water temperatures, and time is decreased to only 4 hours rather than 7. 

Let’s talk about their collection, now. I LOVE love their clean, crisp & tailored designs. While they are basics, they definitely stand out from the rest. I’m wearing the lovely Fulton in Navy made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. The finished seam down the back, rolled-up sleeves and high-low hem make for a comfy, flattering fit. It’s a heavier weight cotton - resembling a light sweatshirt. An easy everyday piece, this is a step up from your usual basics - one of those, I want to be comfortable but look great garments. Not to mention, the color is gorgeous. I don’t own anything in this color!! Want a longer version? The Olwyn is the same material with long sleeves. If you want an upgrade to your average white tee The Vale Shirt is calling your name.

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